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Closed Expansion Tank

For MTA TAEevo product line only
  • Facilitates filling of a closed, pressurized cooling loop
  • Provides confident use of glycol-water coolants by maintaining concentration without periodic top-off
  • Provides automatic make-up for water coolant systems that require periodic opening of the cooling circuit
  • Allows chiller placement at any point in the closed loop circuit
closedexpansiontank Instructions
  1. Install components as shown making sure that valves A & B are open and valve C is closed.
  2. Connect a hose from a pressurized source (pump discharge for glycol or tap for water) to inlet of regulator (D).
  3. Loosen or remove the brass cap from the auto-vent (E) to allow air to escape as coolant is added.
  4. Open regulator valve (F) and add coolant until the auto-vent stops issuing air and the coolant circuit pressure indicated on the pump gauge (not shown) rises to 1.5 bar.
  5. Operate the chiller pump to allow air trapped in the coolant circuit to be vented through the auto-vent. Several cycles of filling and venting may be required to completely vent the circuit.
  6. The auto-vent can be left open as it will continue to provide venting without allowing coolant to escape.
  7. A relief valve (G) is included to allow the chiller tank to operate safely below 3 bar pressure.