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Benefits & Advantages

  • Improved Productivity

    Reduce downtime and improve productivity with fewer interruptions and less waste

  • Equipment Protection

    The most compelling reason for a chiller is the protection it provides to your valuable process equipment - such as spot welders, injection molding equipment, and various other industrial applications. A chiller provides solid protection of your investment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the chiller’s life cycle.

  • Optimized Process Control & Operating Limits

    Modern industry's increasing levels of sophistication and capital investment imply that highest precision with zero downtime are an absolute must for an economically viable process.

  • Reduced Operating & Maintenance Issue

    A water tower may provide adequate cooling during fall & winter months, but fail during the hotter periods of the year. A water chiller will immediately eliminate this problem.

  • Save Water & Related Costs

    Water is continuously recirculated and reused, bypassing the need for expensive city water and sewage services.

  • Designed for Industrial Processes

    Flexible and fully customized solutions and upgrades available.

  • Eliminate water monitoring and associated costs

    With increasingly stringent local and federal water regulations, chillers recirculate water, and therefore eliminate the need for discharge water monitoring and annual permits.

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