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R1100 G - Water Recirculator

  • BTU’s/Hr: 15,000
  • This non-refrigeration, radiator style water recirculator is designed for Resistance Welders up to 75 KVA or TIG & MIG equipment up to 750 amps 
  • Reservoir Capacity: 3 Gallons
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Rated at 75 degrees differential between ambient and return water temperature
Reservoir Capacity: 3 Gallons
Length: 23 in
Width:  11 in
Height: 14.75 in
Weight: 42 lbs
Volts/Phase: 115/1 or 230/1 
Hz: 50/60
FLA: 5.6/ 2.8 amp: 60 hz 8 foot power cord included
Misc Specifications
Refrigerant: Defense Coolant Anti-freeze and Pump Lubricant (DF929/ DF927) Rotary GEAR Pump:  1.8 gpm @ 50 PSI (adjustable up to 80 PSI)  – Built in by-pass to tank and rebuildable pump  Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps with simple designs. They feature external gear teeth which mesh to create pressure on the outlet side of the pump by forcing fluid around the gears. Often times, in chillers, this option requires less maintenance.  Fluid Connections (FNPT): .25″ female pipe fitting (water in/out) with 5/8″ LH Std inert gas fitting [/tab] [tab title=”Features”]
R1000 V/G Cooling System
Standard features on this non-refrigeration, radiator style unit include:
  • Stainless steel construction eliminates coolant contamination due to electrolysis or chemical reactions
  • All units are plumbed with copper tubing and reinforced hose
  • Choice of Vane or Gear Pump (See R1100V for vane pump option)
  • No external plumbing is required because of closed loop water system
  • Visible water level and water flow sight glass
  • Thermal overload
  • Designed for MIG guns and TIG Torches up to 750 amps, Plasma welders/cutters up to 200 amps, Resistance Welders up to 75 KVA and Induction welding up to 5KW.
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